Posted by: charlestoncharge | January 2, 2011

It sNOwbody’s fault

After physically gracing the Albany International Airport’s presence (the only way to talk to an actual human during severe weather, apparently), we realized that we had the best case scenario on our hands.  There were grown women with tears attached to their faces, children attached to their limbs.  There were people pacing, others sleeping.  Not a pretty picture.  And so our feeling-sorry-for-ourselves perspective was put in serious check.  Our choices were either to keep our connecting flight out of JFK the next morning and drive down via a rental car (in hopes that it doesn’t cancel in the meantime) OR to leave on a 5:30am flight on Thursday – 2 days later than planned.  We chose the latter and went on with our merry way.  No cost, no drama, no need to make more out of it than it was.  We didn’t have to be home for work or kids or due to the expense of staying.  We were two of the luckiest travelers in that airport that day – hands down.

Plans of being home with many days of relaxation before going back to work aside, we were lucky to have a warm place to stay for free (thanks, Mom and Dad!) while spending more time with family and friends.  More laundry was completed, a trip to Brown’s Brewing was accomplished, Scott met baby Ethan, I visited the Cook household, we didn’t suffer or fall apart or lose any will to live.  We, in the end, are thankful for the extra time.  Don’t get me wrong – we’re still not a fan of Delta’s customer service or of that innocent looking white stuff that causes my blood pressure to rise, but we had a wonderful trip home for Christmas that outweighed all of that!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Some blogging changes and additions to come.  Stay tuned.  =P

And oh yeah, by the way, it was 70 and sunny on January 1st.  Just sayin’!

Hoosick Falls, NY 12/27/10



  1. Everything is always “relative” to what others are experiencing. Remember that, as I’m sure you will. It has helped me get through some tough things. Whenever something seems really hard or “bad”…..I concoct a scenario that is worse, and I cope much better. It might be “mind games” but it helps!

  2. glad you got back “home” and everything worked out. Wish we would have had more time together! 🙂

  3. I was far over due for some Trottier news. I love it! Keep it coming. I hope to see you soon.

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