Posted by: charlestoncharge | December 27, 2010

sNOw thank you.

Hatred of snow – confirmed.  Snowmageddon 2010…

Jon’s story, NYC-bound

Megabus reservation for 2:30pm: Canceled

Amtrak reservation for 9:10pm: Canceled, not canceled, don’t know if it’s canceled, can’t find out if it’s canceled, let’s just drive there in the middle of a blizzard to see if it’s canceled.  Luckily, it wasn’t canceled.

10:08pm: Finally got on the train (about an hour delayed)

12:31am: Train stuck 2 miles outside of Poughkeepsie for at least an hour waiting on a broken signal

3:03am: Arrived at Penn Station, no cabs in sight, the subway it is

5:22am: Arrived home in Washington Heights

Total travel time = 7 hrs.

S&S’s story, Charleston-bound

6:05am: Received a text message from indicating that our flight tomorrow AM is already canceled

9:57am: I made my first call to Delta with the hopes of making a new reservation ASAP.  I was greeted with this lovely, helpful, and considerate message, “Thank you for calling Delta Airlines.  Due to extreme weather conditions we are unable to answer your call at this time.  Please call again later or visit”  Then – disconnected.

10:01am: Called the Albany Airport to see if I could talk to the local Delta people.  Was redirected to the 800 number with the ridiculous, blood-boiling message.

10:22am: Called Orbitz to see if they could do anything.

10:53am: After being on hold for 31 minutes, finally got connected to a real live person.  Couldn’t come up with the zip code where the credit card we used thinks we live (listen – we’ve moved A LOT), answered a ton of security questions, lady with a thick accent asked me to ‘please hold’ so she could connect me to someone who could help me, my heart fluttered with the excitement of maybe getting somewhere.

2 seconds later: Disconnected.

10:55am: Called Scott to tell him it’s his turn to sit on the phone, I needed a break.

12:45pm: Have called Delta 5 times since only to get the same message.  Hate that guy.  He’s mocking me.  Extreme weather conditions?  Really?  I hadn’t noticed!  Wouldn’t that be the BEST reason for operators to be standing by.  There’s lots of work to do – lots of people need new reservations.  No success.  No headway, even.  Nada.

We’ll be lucky if we get home by the weekend.




  1. LIKE! Sorry about all the trouble – but so happy we got to see you guys again! So is Ethan 🙂 Skype ya soon! 😉 Love you!

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