Posted by: charlestoncharge | October 6, 2010

Good Times

Two weekends ago brought a few exciting things for the house that we’ve been not so patiently waiting for (yes, I’m 2 weekends of stories behind!)…Direct TV (buh bye, bunny ears!), a new printer, and finally a new quilt for our bed.  We’ve been dreaming of these items for weeks, so were pretty happy campers.  That Sunday was the first time we had to find a restaurant playing the Giants game in order to watch it.  By the end of the game, we wished we had stayed home!  Oh well — sitting in a restaurant by the water feeling the breeze through every open door and window wasn’t so bad. Neither was working on a pitcher of yumminess and some snacks while watching the game on a huge screen TV virtually by ourselves.  And to walk outside and see this? I can’t really complain.

Shem Creek

That Saturday night, we had a little get together at the house.  It was the most people that we’ve had over at one time – 6 people plus us.  Big deal, big deal.  The house still had (and has) a long way to go, but it was ready enough to show off and use for entertaining.  Originally, we were going to go to a beer festival in downtown Charleston that night, but after really thinking about it, we decided that we would have our OWN beer tasting.  Scott and I have surely been to enough of them to hold one of our own!  We had been wanting to have our friends over, too, so it was perfect!  Scott and I had just enough beer tasting glasses for everyone to drink from, from legitimate beer festivals we’ve attended.  It’s no secret that we’re beereducers.  Ya know, we reduce beer so that it doesn’t get wasted.  Or so that we get wasted…?  I’m not sure – one or the other!

Scott went to a place pretty much equivalent to beer heaven and picked out 24 different beers.  Twelve categories of beer; two beers in each category.  Scott equipped himself with his beer judging book, I bought some cute napkins, appetizers were prepared, and we were ready for guests!  Let the games begin!

The setup

“BEER; The reason I get up every afternoon”

Paul & Julie

Jamie & Emilie

Me & Jen

Scott (too busy to pose for a picture…very serious business)

Scott studying

Scott embarrassed that he got caught studying

A Trottier party wouldn’t be complete without late night crabmeat meltaways!

The damage

In case you were wondering…no, that wasn’t mouse food on the table in those white mini-bowls.  The bowls were filled with hops and grain – ingredients used when making beer.  All part of Scott’s presentation!

We loved having our friends over and had a great time!  We look forward to many more get togethers at 260 Kelsey Boulevard  =)

BEACH COUNT: 30 (I still expect this number to slowly increase)

TODAY’S HIGH TEMPERATURE (new feature!): 73 degrees…but it’ll be back up to the 80’s this weekend



  1. My favorite beer from that night was the Southhampton Publick House Double White. Seriously people, you got to try that stuff. It’s delicious! Nice blog babe!!!

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