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According to some e-mail searching, “Jennifer” was the most popular given name for girls starting in the year 1970 all the way until the year 1984.  From 1985-1988, Jennifer still remained in the top 5 most popular given name category for girls. Jennifer sure had some staying power!  According to my calculations, most of the Jennifers on this earth are between the ages of 22 and 40.  The ones I happen to know are, of course, in their 20s.

I once had a boss named Jen.  Our realtor’s name was Jen.  Scott’s friend married a Jen.  I had a neighbor named Jen.  Here a Jen, there a Jen, everywhere a Jen JEN! When Scott and I started dating, I had to give the Jens in my life secret Jen nicknames so that he would know which Jen I was talking about.  Finally, he learned their last names.  AND THEN they went and got married, changing their last names and further puzzling poor Scott.  We couldn’t use the first initial of their last name as an identifier because one married Jen’s last name’s first initial was another Jen’s maiden name’s first initial.  Holy Jenfusion.

Most of my friends named Jennifer go by Jen, but one goes by Jenn (notice 2 “n”s). There’s only one that I call Jenny.  Not surprising, all of my Jennifer friends are nicknamed according to the first half of their names.  I mention that because one very rebellious college classmate was a Jennifer that went by Iffer.  No joke!  I guess she was resisting the commonly taken first half of Jennifer and showing the world that one could use the second half instead.  I hope it was just a phase.  The truth is, there are many Jens in my life.  So many, that I was pretty sure I had met the Jen quota for my lifetime.  If I was going to let another Jen into my life, it was going to have to be for good reason.  And then…I started my new job here in Charleston.  And, what do ya know – “Hi, I’m Jen!”  Seriously?

But, there’s just something about those Jens!  They’re very Jentle and Jenerous and some are even Jeniuses.  Okay, I’m even annoying myself.  Moral of the story?  New Jen is a keeper.

Here are some pictures that I cropped (horrifically so) of MY Jens.  I guess it’s time to take some new pics together, ladies  =)

Jen M., formally known as Jen K.; a friend since high school

On Right – Jen W., soon to be Jen D.!; we go way back to elementary school, cheerleading, and many a sleepover…On LeftJen T., formally know as Jen M.; another friend since high school

Jenn H., formally known as Jenn W.; a friend since high school that becomes closer with each year that goes by

Jenny D., formally known as Jenny C.; a friend that I met in college but feel like I have had forever

…and the newest addition (this picture may look familiar) – another Jen T., otherwise known as “The One Who Made The Cut!”

Love to all my Jens!  xo




  1. Seriously….you need to publish these eventually. They are so fun to read—–what a great little writer you are! Glad you’re enjoying yourself…..

  2. Love it!!!! Must be the blessings of the Jens! Love you!

  3. I so look forward to these blogs! I can’t wait to meet your new Jen!
    Love and miss you.

  4. Love it! And not just because I was a part of it but because it was so witty! Oh and BTW, that is a TERRIBLE pic of me!

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