Posted by: charlestoncharge | September 19, 2010

Oh Shoot(ers)

Whether we decide to sprinkle or shower them with fun-filled events, the weekends insist on flying by.  This weekend, we didn’t hold back.  Our house is somewhat coming together, as much as humanly possible in 2 weeks’ time, so we decided to show it off by having some friends over.  Friday night, one of Scott’s co-workers came by.  Then on Saturday, the Hoosick Falls legend that is Dan Martelle and his friend came to visit.  They were in town from Charlotte for the weekend, just in time for the house being kinda sorta in order for company.  Dan came down to Charleston for a weekend when we were still staying at the condo, pre-house on Kelsey Boulevard. Dan, who happens to be my favorite of Scott’s home friends (and not only because he’s the only one who reads my blogs or anything!), has been dying to be mentioned in one of my blogs.  Due to some nagging rain and the PGA tour being on TV, Dan did not make his way into the blog that time around.  Oh well.  I told him that he would have to do or say something blog-worthy during this weekend’s visit in order to make it in, case closed.  He was on a mission.  As you all know, I treat this blog with sincerity and will never stoop so low as to shamelessly say a name like Dan Martelle in a blog over and over again because it has been requested.  Dan.  Freaking. Martelle.

Moving right along…Dan, his friend – Sarah, my friend – Jen, Scott, and I all went out to dinner Downtown.  We had already decided the blog-worthy event in advance.  It’s called – Oyster Shooters.  “What is in an Oyster Shooter,” you ask?  Absolut Peppar Vodka (vodka containing a taste of green jalapeno peppers and fiery spices like paprika and chili), spicy cocktail sauce, and a raw oyster together in a shot glass all for your pleasure and enjoyment.  Sound appetizing?  Yeah, not so much.  We debated over whether or not it was going to be an appetizer or dessert, aka did we want to just get it over with or mull it over throughout dinner.  I chose the dessert option, as I am a true procrastinator.  Also, I decided that it would give me more time to decide if I was REALLY going to shoot that crap down my throat.  Well, the meal ended and Dan (Dan Martelle – celebrity) ordered 5 Oyster Shooters, regardless of our reluctance and come-on-give-us-a-break looks.  Get a load of these things.  Click the picture to make it larger for the full effect!

Poor Sarah, Dan’s friend.  Do you see the shot all of the way to the right?  Yeah, check out her oyster.  It was massive!  Call it peer pressure or blog pressure, whatever, we all tried it out.  Scott and Dan went first.  I was especially watching Scott’s reaction since I know him well and would know if he hated it (without him having to say it), but he seemed to handle it really well.  This gave me some confidence.  Sarah just wanted to sip it here and there; she just knew it wasn’t the drink for her.  Jen and I counted down to our “Oh Shoot(er)” moment…3-2-1!  Scott documented our journey.

Lookin’ brave!

We’re really doing this!

Oh Shoot(er)!

While watching my reaction, I could hear Dan saying, “She doesn’t hate it, she doesn’t hate it!”  And, surprisingly, I didn’t!  Not to say I am going to be ordering them everywhere I go, but I was happy to try out another Charleston treat and am still living to tell about it.

Mission accomplished.

Dan Martelle.




  1. I’m still laughing. I think you wanted to say that I’m the only one of Scott’s friends from Hoosick Falls that Can read. I’m thinking up new activities for my next visit. I hope your ready.

  2. my one & only oyster shooter also happened in charleston, but was topped off w/bud light. i hope i can be your “favorite” hf girl-friend of scott’s & visit you guys sometime!

    looks like you guys are enjoying life. congrats! xoxo

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