Posted by: charlestoncharge | September 12, 2010

Chick-fil-HEEYYY YOU!

Here’s a quick update on the Chick Fil-A situation.  It’s closed on Sundays, per the head chick’s beliefs.  The company owner’s son said, during a ABC News Nightline episode, that his father wanted himself and his employees to spend time with family and worship on Sundays.  Part of Chick-fil-A’s mission statement says “That we might glorify God by being a faithful steward in all that is entrusted to our care, and that we might have a positive influence on all the people that we might come in contact with.” Holy holiness, right?  They have “family days” on Tuesdays and sponsor some great programs for kids.  It’s quite unique for a fast food joint.

I wouldn’t give an update on this without having had our first true encounter.  After a Saturday morning of running around like chickens with our heads cut off (bad joke, I know) – we decided that we deserved to treat ourselves to some Chick-fil-A.  We were so excited!  The place was packed – parking lot and drive-through.  People had to get their fix or wait until Monday.  We went in for the full experience.  A huge portrait of the employees on the way in and fresh flowers on the tables caught me off guard. It IS a fast food restaurant, after all.  While waiting for our original chicken sandwich with Chick-fil-A sauce and waffle fries, we sat and noticed that employees will actually bring food to you.  They’ll refill your soda for you, even.  What the beep?! Well, let me tell you…that sandwich is heaven.  We smiled and laughed while eating. We may have even high-fived.  A good time was definitely had by all!  Scott and I were stuffed long before we stopped eating and we officially told Taco Bell to cluck off before we even left the premises.  Way to go Chik-fil-A.  I will dream of you often.



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