Posted by: charlestoncharge | August 24, 2010


Charleston is famous for many reasons.  Amazing food is slightly behind the gorgeous beaches and weather for me.  Some of Charleston’s “specialties” are grits, hush puppies, MoonPies, okra, boiled peanuts, pralines, sweet tea, locally caught seafood, and (of course) barbecue.  There are more amazing sounding and reviewed restaurants in the downtown area than we will have the opportunity to experience in 5-years time.  On top of that, there are many great restaurants outside of Charleston, as well.  Some that overlook the ocean and some that have gorgeous rooftop settings. The dining out choices are just incredible here!  An unexpected (but intensely welcomed) surprise was the discovery of more than I can count kick ass happy hours. They should be called “Hallelujah hours!”  $3 house wine, craft beers, and champagne along with $3 full-size appetizers?  We LOVE you Social!  $5 mountain of nachos with $3 house wine, $2.50 craft beer, and $3 well drinks?  Thank you, Liberty Taproom!  That’s not even scratching the surface, but our current favorite deals.  =) On Saturday night, I fell IN LOVE with Pad Thai at Basil – my absolute most favorite meal in Charleston, yet.  And for dessert?  I am obsessed with Cupcake!  No wonder Southern Living, USA Today, Ellen DeGeneres, and Martha Stewart have all raved about you, you beautiful disaster!  The mint chocolate chip cupcake has been my favorite flavor so far.  I’ll have my buy-10-get-the-11th-free cupcake sooner than my thighs can say “this bulge is on YOU.”

There are many of the same fast food places here as in NY, but others that don’t exist in the North.  Chik-Fil-A is one of them.  Scott and I have been asked by several people if we’ve been to (of all places) Chik-Fil-A yet.  The obsession people have with this chicken sandwich is beyond words.  Going there has not been something near the top of our list, by any stretch of the imagination.  But over time, a highly regarded chicken sandwich will wear ya down.  Scott received a coupon for a free chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A from his school district for being a new employee. Interesting gift, but we’ll accept anything that’s free.  We took it as an excuse to get our butts there, even if we didn’t want to be pigeonholed into getting that ‘chicken on a biscuit’ for free.  There must a reason people lose sleep over this sandwich.  After planning our weekend, Scott and I decided that on Sunday we would go to Chik-Fil-A for lunch and then go to the nearby Super Walmart to grocery shop.  I know, I know. Try to keep your jealousy in check.  After all of the build up and excitement, we arrived at the “restaurant” to a ghostly empty parking lot.  Hm.  I walked to the entrance while Scott waited in the car.  Doors…locked.  What the beep is going on? Long story short, Chik-Fil-HEY is closed on Sundays in Mount Pleasant. What?  Most stores are open on Sundays here, but not this fast food joint?  I’m so confused!  Well, I can only say that I’m still not over it.  Sooner or later, we will eat the Chik-Fil-A sandwich with Chik-Fil-A sauce and come to our own conclusions about this supposedly dreamy sandwich.  It may take a while for us to waste a meal (or any more time) on Southern fast food.  Only time (excluding Sundays) will tell…

2 random comments to go –

– An official request goes out to the hubby to write his first blog.  I’ll give him a topic he can’t refuse.  Beer and its existence in Charleston — discuss!

– The other day, I couldn’t get out of work fast enough which led to leaving my cell phone behind.  Only 5 minutes were lost, but had it been even 7 minutes, my sanity would have been lost with it.  When I was frantically telling Scott this oh-so-traumatic story (listen, it was a long week), he said I sounded Southern when I said “cell phone.”  Weird!  Could it be happening so soon?  I still can’t say “y’all” or “golly” without feeling like an idiot.  They are words that I have to plan to use and that is just strange.  But, I am confident the day will soon come when I will scream those words from the rooftop.  Preferably, a rooftop bar.




  1. You know I love reading the blogs!!!! They had a Chik-fil-a at exit 8 for a while at the gas station. Probably not the same food as it is def. a southern thing. No wonder it didn’t stay long. So do you have a permanant tan yet? That makes me very jeolous… I always look better with a little color. Love and miss ya!

  2. Sarah,

    Although I appreciate and love your blogs more than I can put into words, they unfortunately make me miss you even more! I need to see you this Fall! Dinner at Standard and drinks feels like 5yrs. ago rather than the few months ago it really was. However, I am so happy that you are enjoying your new home and all that it has to offer- judging from your blogs, you will have A LOT to show me when I do make a visit and so much for me to experience (perhaps you’ll be a certified Charleston tour guide by then? Or a columnist for the local paper in the “Best Of Charleston” section?) 😉
    I have to tell you that yes, I always knew you were incredibly intelligent, grammatically correct (hence your major I suppose, haha), and great at detailing events/stories/public speaking, etc .etc…but I did not know what a talented writer you are as well. These blogs are just so well thought out, organized, and humorous! I love it! I have bulging eyes and a grin from ear to ear as I read each word wanting more and more and more- when the section ends, I am lost with what to do, haha. I want to read about your adventures for hours like reading the chapters of a book. Can you please consider compiling your life into a book and publishing it just for me? I mean everyone has time to write a book 😉 Love you Sarah!

  3. Chick-fil-a is amazing, you have to get a sandwich there soon. But, all of their stores are closed on Sundays.

  4. Sarah.. wow, thanks for sharing this with me. Where do you find the time for everything, plus starting work already? Well, it definitely sounds like love, hehe. I’m so happy for you and Scott. I’m looking forward to more blogging.

    Love u

  5. Chick-Fil-A has nothin on Bojangles in my opinion! That should definitely be your next Southern fried chicken experience!!

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