Posted by: charlestoncharge | August 8, 2010

1 Month – Many Accomplishments

Friday, August 6th, marked 1 month for us as residents of Charleston — of being “Charlestonians!” Here is the short list (seriously) of what we have accomplished in this blink-and-then-it-was-over time!

* Showed off our new hometown to Mom & Dad C. for a week

* Toured many grocery stores to find out the best deals

* Checked out one of the local movie theaters – Cinebarre – score!  Food and alcoholic beverages delivered to the table in front of you…niiiccce

* Found some awesome happy hour deals – nothing makes us happier!

* I read 7 books (thanks to a lot of beach time)

* Annoyed a neighbor by not having a FOB for the pool…I don’t know.  I think he hides out in a tree now waiting for us to make a mistake

* Bought a new (used) car that we love!

* Registered both cars in SC

* Got SC driver’s license (which meant hours upon hours at the DMV – no different than NYS!)

* Got our SC license plates – pretty right?!

* I lost my social security card…scary business

* Got a new social security card (quite the crowd at the SS office – again, no different than NYS)

* Human resources found my social security card underneath the copy machine – grrr

* Attended (many for me, few for Scott) orientation meetings for our new jobs

* Learned our way around a bit

* Started looking at houses/townhouses/duplexes

* Looked at 5 places on day 1; that’s the only day we needed

* The next day, BOUGHT A TOWNHOUSE (details to come!)  =)

I’m sure there are so many things that I am forgetting.  Maybe I’ll come back and add more.  Moral of the story?  We’ve been busy!  Loving every second of it, though



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